It was a long time coming. A global destination store focusing entirely upon the best and brightest of our home grown fashion designers. A world stage where our most talented young people can strut their immensely wonderful stuff.

Here in Pakistan we do not have a infrastructure in place for up and coming designers. New designers can sometimes find themselves in struggling career. There was no single retailer purely representing designers based here in the Pakistan.In particular a passion for young designers (and by young we mean in the formative years of their brand, we really don’t mind if they start designing at 60 or beyond.)

Our Pakistan designers are lauded the world over. Once Pakistan Fashion Week is done the wave of applause reverberates across the entire planet. There is just something about being a young pakistani designer. It’s about pushing boundaries, breaking rules that really shouldn’t be broken, risking everything in pursuit of your dreams. It’s about creating brands that aren’t homogenous, that do not appeal to everyone but are deeply meaningful to those they do resonate with.

And designers do. Risk everything.

Visits from Health & Safety to the ghettos they work in. Living on a pittance to afford ever rising material costs. Learning how to be Finance/Sales/Marketing & Production Director. All at once. Whilst still creating pieces beyond compare. It’s a far from glamorous hand to mouth existence for far too many young designers, not all of them, but most. Quite often the first collection can be the last collection for many years if their brand isn’t given the space and the nourishment it needs to flourish. A much coveted place at NewGen or Fashion Scout does not mean everything in the garden is rosy. Designers need to start selling and keep selling in order to survive

It’s because our young designers are so world leading, so wholly passionate and dedicated to the cause that we are delighted to dedicate ourselves to them.Some are names you may have heard of, some will be outrageously brand new to the world. All of them have created the most uniquely designed collections.

You can find them first.

You can wear them first.

You can help grow our country’s brilliant young talent.